A Cat On A Diet

Hopefully, all is well. We took Willow to the vet. The poor thing, it was a rather painful process to fix what was going on, but soon we were on our way home with a bottle of medicine and Prescription Diet canned food. He’ll be on it for two weeks (two weeks of one can per day; and that’s a 5.5 ounce can! Some diet, my Willow won’t be poofy anymore, he’ll be fat!) and things should be fine. Then he’ll be on a Prescription Diet dry food (supplemented with some canned food) basically for life.

Willow Sleeping After Our Trip To The Vet

Our cats are no strangers to diets though. Willow takes it rather well. The way he’s eating now, he has three quarters of a cup of food every day. This has given him some sort of a waist. Trying to limit Amber in how much she eats, however, is close to a nightmare. Always begging for food and throwing herself in front of you when you’re walking. If you don’t close your doors at night when you go to bed, she will come wake you up at four o’clock in the morning to have you feed her. She gets a cup a day (plus any additional bits we give her if she wakes us up at night!). Even though she’s smaller, she is far more active than Willow, so the extra quarter cup doesn’t make a difference. (Although in her opinion, she should have an additional quarter cup!)

That’s all for now!

~Willow’s Person


2 thoughts on “A Cat On A Diet

  1. Hello,

    I see that on your main page that you are going to start making cat food so I hope that means this page is in ‘error’ and you are going to ditch the unhealthy dry food (yes…even prescription dry foods are very unhealthy….) and feed either canned or homemade.

    It really makes me sad to hear of my colleagues constantly prescribing and supporting the use of dry food for cats. Please take a long hard look at Opie’s pictures on my Feline Urinary Tract Health page at catinfo.org. If humans would just stop feeding water-depleted diets, cats like Opie would not have to suffer so much!


    Dr. Pierson

    1. Hi Dr. Pierson,

      Oh, absolutely! Your website was very informative about dry foods and making your own cat food. We weren’t very happy when we learned that the Prescription Diet would be Willow’s food for life (and less happy once we looked at the ingredients!), so we did some research and stumbled across your site. It seems obvious that homemade cat food is the best way to go, and we can’t wait to get started!

      I have already read everything on your page about Feline Urinary Tract Health. It was very helpful (and the pictures of Opie were very sad; it’s horrifying that our cats go through these things because of a poor diet!). Till we can start making cat food (perhaps sometime next week?), we are feeding them water with their dry food but trying to feed them mostly canned food.

      I would like to thank you for making your site. I am very glad that Willow and Amber now have a healthy future ahead of them.

      ~Willow’s Person

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