Get Well Soon, Willow!

I wish my first real post didn’t have to start on a sad note, but unfortunately, it must. We woke up this morning to find Willow hiding under our entertainment center. He wouldn’t even come out for food! This, as anyone who has met Willow knows, is a true phenomenon. If there is one thing Willow truly loves  in life, it’s food. Usually, when he is sick, he will eat anyway, so when he doesn’t eat we know something is really wrong.

Our next hint was when Willow disappeared. Eventually, Amber was the one who found him. You see, she has the very bad habit of ambushing Willow as he leaves the litter box (which has a cover and a flap for a door). So we found her in the bathroom, watching his tail, which was hanging out from under the flap. We quickly shooed her away and took off the cover. I know this isn’t exactly the most pleasant scenario, so I’ll just say that Willow was unable to “go”. He gave up after about ten minutes and went under my bed. From what we can tell, he has constipation. He seems to be under a lot of stress and pain.

We are taking Willow to see the vet about two o’clock this afternoon. I ask for your prayers and best wishes. Willow and I thank you!

~Willow’s Person

Willow Under The Bed

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