Cats Can Talk

Who’s to say cats can’t talk? We might as well say that a person who only speaks Chinese can’t talk, or that someone using sign language isn’t communicating something. But if we don’t speak Chinese or we don’t understand sign language, it would seem like the person couldn’t communicate, even though that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Our cats try to communicate with us all the time. I love to hear their voices, though I never hope to understand them. Amber has a somewhat raspy, insistent meow. Her other sounds range from growls to chirps and everything between. Willow has a loud, demanding meow, that has a real personality (see my YouTube channel). He also chirps (though I have yet to hear him growl). I’ve heard his yowl, back when he wasn’t fixed and was very territorial. And he often goes into the bedrooms during the day to exercise his voice–truly hilarious! And that was the beautiful sound I woke up to this morning. šŸ™‚ I have been blessed with two sweet, wonderful cats.

~Willow’s Person

An up-close shot of Willow

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