A Breath Of Fresh Air

Both my cats enjoy an open window (with a screen, of course). Willow used to have what we would call his “porch”–a piece of cardboard placed on two stools. We moved the furniture around recently, so his porch is now a glass end table. We crack open the window only a little bit, so neither he nor Amber can push through the screen. Still, it’s enough for them to get a breath of fresh air. Whereas Willow respects the screen, Amber is far from doing so. She has already poked many holes in it (most by accident), so bits of duck tape are now scattered across the screen.

Amber looking out the window excitedly

It’s a good place to watch squirrels from. There is a wire running from a pole to the house just to the right of the window. Squirrels are fond of running across it, and Amber had the pleasure of watching one scamper across just a few minutes ago. I am sure that the squirrels are happy to safe from this fierce predator!

~Willow’s Person


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