When I started this blog (just ten days ago) Amber was a strictly indoor cat…but it was a temporary arrangement. She used to be strictly outdoor, but this summer has been so hot that we couldn’t bear to leave her outside, so we often let her in during the hottest time of the day. So when we came home from a five day trip and found that she had a wound on her neck, we decided to keep her inside so it wouldn’t get infected. I admit I prefer to have her inside, where I always know where she is and that she’s safe from cars, alligators, raccoons, or whatever other dangers lurk outside. However, she loves the outdoors. Chasing squirrels and birds, running up the huge bottle brush trees outside, and simply breathing the fresh air. Because of that, I think she’ll go back to being an indoor/outdoor cat; mostly indoor, though. We’ll let her go outside a few times during the day, but she’ll stay inside at night when raccoons, opossums, and other cats are active.

Amber lying down, her wound just visible

~Willow’s Person


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