The First Homemade Meal

Today is the monumental day! We got the grinder last night, and the supplements came in this morning. We now have a couple week’s worth of homemade cat food. We ground up some chicken and bones, mixed with the supplements (taurine, fish oil, etc.) and mixed it all together. They loved it! Here are some pictures I managed to get:

Mixing the meat together
The meat, before it goes into the grinder
Willow happily eating his share

I also took a short, cute video of Willow and Amber munching away. See my YouTube channel here, or go to directly to the video here.

Thanks for reading!

~Willow’s Person

note: Willow played for the first time in ages today! Since we’d switched his food, he’d perked up a little bit every day, but when Amber left the room earlier he got up and started batting around the toy she left behind. Too cute!


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