A Paper Slide

Isn’t it great how things can have more than one use? It’s really recycling. Instead of throwing something that’s already been used away, we can use it for something else! I think Amber in particular was grateful for this.

Anyway, the point I’m getting to is this: The grinder we ordered came in two boxes. A box, and then a ton of brown paper, and then another box, and then a grinder. We can safely say that it arrived in one piece! Of course, the grinder was put to use, and the boxes were put away for use the next time we moved and needed something to pack our things in. Sometimes we save boxes for Amber to play in, which she loves, but not this time. Instead, we saved the paper, and I created a “slide”. Not one she could slide down, but one that I could slide her balls down for her to play with. She loved it!

Amber watching me from her slide

It wasn’t too hard to make. As you can see, I leaned the top against a chair and put a heavy piano book on top of it. She quickly make a tear at the bottom, where she is watching from in the picture. By now, she has torn it off completely, but the rest of the slide is intact (for now).

Amber lounging in a paper tunnel she made

I’m glad to know that she’s enjoying it while it’s still in one piece. 🙂 Willow watches her from a safe place on the sidelines. I know he wants to join in (and he does once she leaves), but her antics quite obviously make him a bit nervous.

Willow relaxing by the wall, a contrast to super-active Amber

~Willow’s Person


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