Willow and Amber sitting a couple feet from each other, posing for the camera

I am not really sure if Willow and Amber can ever be friends. I saw a cute video on Cat Nutrition. In part of it, the author’s two cats were licking each other–too cute! I often wish Amber and Willow would do something like that, but I’m not sure. The most friendly thing they will do is sniff noses. Amber’s calm and casual about it, but Willow is obviously very nervous that she will take a swipe at his face, and leaves as soon as they’re done. Other times, Amber is very aggressive and will chase him around the house, hiss and growl at him–not so friendly things.

Amber walks over to Willow to say "Hi"

Just this morning, we were adjusting the paper slide. In doing so, the end of the paper popped up, and Amber wasted no time in crawling under it. In one of the photos in A Paper Slide post, you can see that the end of the slide is propped against a chair (and is held in place by a heavy piano book). Willow is fond of sleeping under that chair; I guess it reminds him of the days when he slept under cars. Anyway, when she went under, Willow got curious and came out (and as the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat!). She was wiggling around under the paper, and I guess it was just too tempting for him to resist, and he jumped on her back! She was out in a second, of course, and began to hiss at him. It was so comical and cute!

Willow sitting awkwardly next to Amber on the porch

If they ever do become friends, I believe it will be because of two reasons: 1. Amber will finally mellow out, be less hyper and aggressive, and they will get along better, or 2. Willow will become more active and defend himself better since we’ve started feeding them the homemade food (he’s been showing signs of improvement already!), and Amber will think of him more as an equal and less as a toy she can chew on!

~Willow’s Person


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