Active Willow

I really didn’t expect to right this article so soon. After we started feeding them the homemade food, I expected his health to improve, but it has done so much faster than I expected.

Willow and his catnip mouse (aka, "mousey")

For example: a few days ago, Willow played for the first time in months (we’d been feeding them the dry food that gave Willow an allergic reaction for five or six months). It is just so amazing to see him flipping and running around energetically, whereas before he slept all day and didn’t even get excited for food. It’s a wonderful change. Plus, he meows more often. Before he simply watched while Amber did all the begging. Now he joins in.

It’s dark now, and I can see Amber’s reflective eyes staring at me from the hallway. Willow is licking on the “porch”, and all is quiet.

~Willow’s Person


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