Look! Squirrel!

Willow looking out a window at a squirrel

The squirrels taunt Willow and Amber to no end. You’ll hear a little scrabbling sound on the roof and zooom! one of them is suddenly on the “porch” or at a window, staring outside with big eyes and chattering.

One squirrel in particular drives me nuts. He loves to waltz down the wire that runs from a pole in our yard to our house, and at one exact spot he will crouch down and chew on the wire. You can see the bare spot that the wire is starting to get. I’m tempted to let him chew on it and be lazy, but the annoying the would electrocute himself and we wouldn’t have any power. So, Willow and Amber act as “watchcats”. Somehow, even if we can’t hear anything, they just know it’s there. If you see them staring at the window with that little tail of theirs swishing back and forth, you know it’s almost always going to be a squirrel. Anyway, once they’ve warned me, I head outside to wave my arms and shout at it until it runs away…until next time.

We have squirrels in our attic too. Amber likes to jump up onto a certain bookshelf so she can be closer to the ceiling. Unfortunately, that bookshelf also happens to be the messiest thing in our house, all of which she knocks down in her scramble to get up there. Don’t forget about her scramble to get down, either.

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~Willow’s Person


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