A Gesture Of Friendship

Just last Saturday I wrote a post called Friends? I’ll quote it here in case you haven’t read it:

“I am not really sure if Willow and Amber can ever be friends. I saw a cute video on Cat Nutrition. In part of it, the author’s two cats were licking each other–too cute! I often wish Amber and Willow would do something like that, but I’m not sure.”

Today, when feeding Willow and Amber, I had an impulse to put their bowls so close together that they touched. I was a little worried that one of them would get nervous and swipe at the other or leave their food untouched because of stress, but neither occurred. They ate their food calmly and basically ignored each other.

Willow and Amber calmly eating their food

At least, they ignored each other until Willow finished eating. Amber, who always eats fast and never stopped to chew, had finished a while before and was waiting patiently for him to finish. They have a word sort of routine: Amber finishes hers, and Willow eats everything out of his except a morsel or two and leaves it for her to finish. We have to watch them when they eat because of this, since we don’t want Willow to leave her all of his food, but it’s sweet. Anyway, Willow backed up a bit to give her room to stick her head in the bowl and lick up his leftovers. He leaned over her and sniffed her head–he often does this when she’s eating, because she’s too food-crazy to leave the bowl and make him back off. So he sniffed her for a while, and then slowly began to gently lick the top of her head. He stopped after a moment to gauge her reaction, but she was still busy cleaning his bowl and ignored him, so he got a little braver and began to lick her head in quick, rough strokes. It was so cute, but I think our happy squeals made him embarrassed, because after a few more licks he walked away, shaking his feet.

Needless to say, I thought it was adorable, and, even more so, a gesture of friendship. Perhaps there’s hope for Willow and Amber yet.

~Willow’s Person


2 thoughts on “A Gesture Of Friendship

  1. Many years ago I had two cats that were pretty companionable and I started feeding them off two halves of the same plate, then I just left it in the middle and they would eat half even if the other one was late.

    When one of those cats died my new kitten soon learned a slightly different routine. He waited and she ate her half, and only half and he ate the rest.

    When the elder cat died, the new ‘prime’ cat soon taught the new kitten that he should wait and he would again always leave half. Recently I got a third cat and she also waits until the older cat eats his share before eating, even if I put down a separate plate in the room. The two older cats somehow also gave her word that making noise at night or waking me up was not permitted, now she waits like the rest until I wake up to come and try and beg for food.

    1. That is such a cute story! I think it’s amazing how your new cats just understood the way things were. It just shows how well cats communicate! Sadly, I’ve no more “gestures of friendship” to announce from Willow and Amber, and I must say: If they ate out of the same dish, Willow would go hungry!

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