Searching for a Cat Tree/Condo

Pardon me for my “tree/condo” in the title. I call them cat trees, but I keep seeing people calling them condos, perches, and probably more names that I haven’t yet discovered. However, in the body of this post, I’ll stick to calling them cat trees.

Anyway, the first word in my title is really the most important: searching. If anyone has any tips, recommendations, or warnings on which cat tree (condo? perch?) to buy, please comment! I would greatly appreciate it.

We got home this morning from Petsmart, where we had taken a look at their cat trees. What we were looking at was the size, sturdiness, material, and price of the cat tree. It can’t be too small; we can’t have it tipping over on them; it can’t have too much carpet, which would encourage them to scratch the carpet in the bedrooms; and most importantly, it can’t be too expensive. I was trying to keep it under fifty dollars. Their cat trees ranged from $29.99 to hundreds of dollars, but we had quite a few options. However, we decided to head home and see if we could find a better deal online. If not, we would simply come back another day.

And so far I haven’t found anything. I check out the Drs. Foster and Smith website. I will say this: they have very good quality cat trees that I’m sure my cats would love. Unfortunately, they didn’t have anything (in the exact category that I was looking for, anyway; they had a lot of good quality, affordable scratching posts) under $79.99. I tried Amazon next. They had some cheaper ones, but in this case they were either too small, too top-heavy, or bad quality. No luck there.

I’ll keep searching! If I can’t find anything, I guess it’s back to Petsmart next week. If anyone can recommend any good websites for cat products, that would be great!

Thanks for reading,

~Willow’s Person


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