Safety For The Lizards

A lizard, which I wouldn't have seen if it wasn't for Amber's sharp eyes!

I think that a while back, I made a short, informal list of the animals that are now safe from Amber now that she’s inside. I believe I mentioned squirrels, birds, and moles, but for some reason managed to forget about the number of lizards she has slain. Countless, countless lizards! Often, we’d see a lizard running around without it’s tail, and we said, “Oh, that one got away from Amber.” Usually, though, we saw her carrying one in her mouth and playing with it. It took severe determination, holding her by the scruff, and a broom or sometimes a stick to get it away from her.

Amber looks outside, her paws propped adorable in front of her

Anyway, what I’m leading up to is this: Since she’s been inside, the only outside animals she cares about are squirrels and birds (moles were forgotten, and lizards too, or so it seemed). Then, one day I saw her, paws excitedly propped up against the window sill. I was going to continue with what I was doing, but then she started crying! Little moans and complaints as she stared outside, her tail swishing furiously. So, obviously, I was curious and walked over (thankfully remembering to bring my video camera with me; see the video here). She stared at a lizard that was several feet away (outside, of course), making her little crying sounds which was so cute and sad at the same time!

Close-up of Amber as she looks outside

I have to go now, but Amber says “Meow!”

~Willow’s Person


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