Willow’s Got Allergies…Again!

Willow poses for the camera

I love Willow so much. For about seven or eight years, I haven’t had any cats because my mom was allergic to cat dander. We had four before; one got lost, and we had to give the other three away. And then, praise the Lord, two years ago, Willow found us, and he’s stayed with us since. Thankfully, my mom has never had any allergies concerning him or Amber…there’s someone else that’s having allergies now.

Willow, to be precise. I can’t say for certain, but frankly, I think it’s because of our house. He started to get a swollen nose, a rash on his ears, and would sneeze violently many times; all of this started the first time we moved here, about six months ago. The poor thing. We’ve taken him to the vet three or four times now to give him a shot (I can’t remember what kind), but it never lasted more than a month. I believe that the dry food we were giving him and Amber before was aggravating his allergies. We’ve switched to the homemade food now, and it’s not so bad (and it took longer to come back than it did last time), but it is most definitely back. It’s pitiful, listening to him sniffle and try to breath. We just hate to bring him to get more medicine pumped in his body. Even though I think it’s allergies, does anyone’s cat have something like this happen? Did anything make it go away? It would be great if you could comment; Willow would most definitely appreciate it!

The allergies haven’t curbed his sudden “youth”. He still wants to play all the time, and chases Amber till she hisses and growls at him. If we can fix this (which may only be resolved by moving) I think he would be perfectly content…if he and Amber could get along, that is.

~Willow’s Person


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