I Think I’ll Sleep Here

Amber lying on the "porch", her head hanging over the edge

Cats are amazing; they are funny, cute, furry, animals–and they can also lie down in a myriad of positions that seem terribly uncomfortable. I often get forwards of cats, since my friends know I’m fond of them (is fond an understatement?). A certain forward that I got often (different forwards, but the same idea) was of cats lying down in tight, weird, and/or uncomfortable spots.

So, quite obviously, I was amused when I saw her like this and didn’t hesitate to take a picture (you can probably guess what I was thinking: Eureka! Blog post opportunity!). However, (and you may have already noticed this and are becoming nervous) I saw that Amber’s paws were very close to the outlet. If you look in the bottom left-hand corner of the photo above, you will see that something (my laptop, I believe) is already plugged in, but one outlet is bare. As if in answer to my thought, Amber stretched until half of her body was hanging off the porch, and calmly rested her paws on the plug to balance herself.

By this point, I was getting very nervous. I promptly pushed her paws off the outlet. However, my reprimand was interrupted; I had conveniently failed to notice that she was relying on the plug to balance, and, as a result, fell to the floor. Of course, being a cat and being Amber (who is notorious for having “brain damage” in our house), she didn’t really care and calmly went back to sleep.

Amber doesn't hesitate to make herself "comfortable" on the floor

However, it doesn’t seem to me that this position is any more comfortable than the one before, but at least it’s safer!

That’s all for now,

~Willow’s Person


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4 thoughts on “I Think I’ll Sleep Here

    1. Hi Peregrine,

      I think that dogs are great pets as well, but they can never replace cats in my heart 🙂 . Thank you so much! I do love my two little cutie pies.

      Thanks for visiting,
      ~Willow’s Person

  1. Hey Oldcat, good to see you again! That sounds like an interesting site, I’ll definitely take a look. It really just amazes me…anyway, just another reason to love cats. 🙂

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