Pencils, Pens, and Amber

Amber chews on a pencil

Amber has found a new “toy” that is in abundance in our house: pencils and pens. Really, she’s not much of a chewer. She likes to “rabbit kick” (in other words, attacking things with her hind feet), and she likes to chase things around the house. Not much of a chewer, as I said. However, for her, pencils (and pens!) are the exception. And as long as we’re watching to make sure she doesn’t chew on any lead, we’re happy with it! Usually, when she’s playing, the only thing that can tear her away from her toy is food (unless, of course, she decides to stop on her own). I thought I would share a few cute pictures of her chewing on a pencil.

Where did the pen go?
I think I'm done now

~Willow’s Person


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