Day and Night: Willow and Amber

Willow and Amber siting on opposite sides of the "porch"

Willow and Amber are as different as night and day–and not just in their looks. Willow, though he is not really a lap cat (except on cold winter nights), is a sweet boy. He doesn’t bite unless necessary (and even if I’ve gotten mad at him for biting me from time to time, I can see his reasons), he is usually content to be held for a little while (which is usually as long as my arms can bear!), and he never hisses or growls at us or Amber.

I think you could see me getting to this phrase: “Amber, on the other hand…” and it’s true! Amber, on the other hand, is spoiled rotten. In contrast to Willow, she is a better lap cat. She won’t stay on your lap very long, but she is usually happy to be cuddled like a baby. But if you do a single thing she doesn’t like, she bites you without a second thought or growls and whines at you. And if I tap her nose as a reprimand, she slaps my hand with her paw! It can be very annoying and frustrating, and it often makes me appreciate Willow even more. But, when I think about it, they really balance each other out. It really wouldn’t be same having Willow without Amber, or Amber without Willow. They complete each other, and they complete me.

That’s all for now,

~Willow’s Person


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