Life With Willow (Part 1)

Willow's paw

It’s amazing how much Willow–and I–have changed since he introduced himself to us two years ago. But, this being a blog about Willow (and Amber) and not about me, I’ll leave out the ways it changed me and tell you how it changed Willow.

Honestly, I’m not sure if meeting us changed Willow. For sure, it changed his life, and he has definitely changed since that day two years ago, but I’m not sure if it was because he came into our family.

Everyone loved Willow. There were at least two other families feeding him at the time when we started. One had been planning on taking him with them when they moved so he wouldn’t be homeless, but they were happy to hear that we were going to take him.

There are some things I miss about living there, with Willow outside. He often waited for us at the apartment on the third floor, across the street. When he saw us come home, he would race down the stairs and bound across the street. It was so adorable, how excited he got.

Then we moved, and Willow made himself at home in our new house.

~Willow’s Person



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