Life With Willow (Part 2)

Willow waiting for his dinner

When we lived in the apartment Willow had already begun to come inside (which he enjoyed very much! I remember him meowing at our door in the mornings, begging to come in). After seven short months, we moved again (this time to an actual house) and, of course, Willow came with us.

For a short while, he was inside/outside, but we soon realized that Willow just wasn’t meant to be an outdoor. For though he truly loves the outside air, he was prone to getting into fights with other cats (even though he was fixed). And, apparently, he was a terrible fighter, and came home every night bloody. So we decided it was time to make him an inside cat–permanently.

In the beginning he cried at the door. I felt so sorry for him, but we all knew he couldn’t survive out there; he would lead a safer and healthier life inside anyway, protected from other cats, fleas, cars, and the like. And gradually, he got used to it. He still looked out the window, and he loves open windows (A Breath of Fresh Air). And I do think he’s happy inside. For the same reason, we brought Amber in (though, for Willow, it really started because it rained so much that year; for Amber, it’s because we’ve had record heat this year), but, I’ll save that for her story.

Willow quickly adjusted when we moved again in March. Of course, he’s been plagued by allergies ever since, so I’m sure he’ll be happy when we move. He also adjusted to Amber being inside. Since we started him on the homemade cat food, he’s been so much more active. For example, he gets his fair share of chasing Amber, just as much as she does of him!

And since then I’ve written about pretty much everything that’s happened. From watching lizards to finding the perfect cat condo, life’s been pretty interesting.

~Willow’s Person


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