Life With Amber

Amber gets ready to run down the stairs

When we first met Amber, I knew she was the (other) perfect cat for us. Sweet, affectionate, happy to be held in your lap and cuddled like a baby–she seemed more dog than cat!

She was friends with our neighbors cats, Hemmy. They happily played together, which can be a little surprising when you see the slight tension between her and Willow.

When we moved, she quickly settled in to the new environment. We have two huge bottlebrush trees outside that she loved to race up and down (which scared my mom and I very much and made my dad laugh!). She had a couple run-ins with racoons, one of which involved falling in the swimming pool! The other time, she received a small wound on her neck, so we began to keep her inside.

She hasn’t been out since, and I think she’s very happy in here. She rough-houses with Willow during the day and cuddles with us at night. And she’s always around to make sure she doesn’t miss any table scraps.

That’s all for now!

~Willow’s Person


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