Feed Me!

Willow poses next to a bag of Iams cat food

Although we feed them mostly homemade cat food, Willow and Amber usually get a few pieces of dry food a day. For instance, my dad doesn’t have time to prepare the homemade food in the morning before he goes to work, but if he doesn’t feed them he doesn’t get out the door! So a few pieces of dry food scattered on the floor work well. We also enjoy throwing pieces of food across the house for them to chase after (just a little extra exercise), and it seems to me that throwing ground, semi-cooked/raw chicken around the house isn’t the best idea.

So, after some research, we came to the conclusion that Iams Proactive Health cat food was the best thing out there (besides our very own homemade cat food, of course!), and at the same time it was affordable.

Willow sniffs at the bag (I don't have any pictures of him chewing/pawing on it, but I have plenty of action on the YouTube video!)

We are accustomed to buying certain things online (the cat tree, for example). This is what we did with the Iams cat food. A day or two ago, my mom was getting ready to go shopping when UPS rang our doorbell, and there was the cat food! My mom left and I put the bag of food in the middle of the floor, just to see what they would do. Amber all but ignored it, but Willow set right to work, pawing at it and chewing the corners. Luckily, I had thought to get out the video camera, which resulted in this adorable video, Kitty Tries to Open Food Bag….Willow fails to succeed in this video, thanks to Amber’s timely intervention. I am currently uploading a “part 2”, where Willow manages to rip a hole in the bag!

And now, they are happily licking their paws after a delicious homemade meal–perhaps they can have some dry food as a snack later!

~Willow’s Person


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