My Wonderful Willow

Willow: My sweet, adorable, little (not so little, actually) ball of fluff!

Whenever I can’t come up with a post about Willow and Amber (which seems quite impossible, so it must simply be because I’m too lazy to upload the photos and videos I need for a new post from my camera!), I am perfectly content to write about my wonderful Willow. Amber is amazing, but Willow…he’s special. Being the first cat I’ve had for years (since Congee and his friends), he has seized a certain place in my heart, that Amber can’t squeeze into no matter how sweet and funny she is. I love them equally, I do! But there’s just something about Willow….

A view from above

He may not always want to cuddle in your lap (though, as it has gotten colder, he has done so more often). He may have little tolerance for being cuddled (which is hard not to do, since he is so cute!). But he is a handsome cat and has a meow that’s filled with personality. A great companion, all around! And I would be absolutely content if he and Amber could get along.

That’s all for now,

~Willow’s Person


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