I am so sorry for not writing many posts lately. I’m participating in NaNoWriMo this month, but nevertheless I will attempt to set aside more time for blogging. The last thing I want anyone to think is that nothing interesting has happened in Willow and Amber’s life. In fact, they’ve been busy, busy bees!

After several attempts to get Willow to stop moving and look in the camera, I finally have to settle for a top-view

To bring you up to speed: Willow, again, was being plagued by allergies. It had become a pain to bring him to the vet’s office every three weeks for a shot, so our vet had suggested that we bring some by-the-mouth antibiotics home with us. This way, all we would have to do is go back the next time around and pick up some more. No more driving a sneezing cat across town. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. The medicine was to be given daily. The first time, Willow seemed almost good as new and was running around again–a complete switch from previously acting like an old man. After that first time, though, and as we continued to him the medicine, he just got worse. In the end, we had to take him back to the vet for his shot.

The day he gets his shot, he usually perks up almost right away. This time (which would be Friday, the 4th) he seemed almost worse still. He sat in a chair all day and refused to move or eat. Part of this I can blame on Amber: any time Willow attempted to set paw on the floor, she would chase after him, hissing and screaming. I felt very bad for Willow, considering he was so sick, but no amount of squirting with a water bottle or being held by the scruff could convince her to stop. Eventually, everyone except Amber gave up. We humans went back to whatever it was that we were doing, Willow went back to his chair, and Amber had the run of the house.

Come Saturday (which would be the 5th), Willow was still acting poorly. By the evening, however, he was sneezing a little less and happily eating. This morning, he was a completely different cat. He wanted revenge.

Amber looks curiously out from her hiding place

I admit, we didn’t do anything as Willow chased Amber around the house. I think she was greatly confused, and Willow was most likely enjoying his sweet revenge. And I have to agree, she most definitely deserved it. My dad said that Willow looked like a lion, chasing after his prey.

Unfortunately, Willow couldn’t quite handle all the sudden activity, and he ended his chase by coughing up on my bedroom floor. Not very pleasant, I have to say. But I won’t dwell on that subject.

The mess was cleaned up and Amber finally left in peace, though she is still acting a bit nervous. Willow is enjoying his status as top-cat, though I’m certain it will be temporary. We will be heading off to church soon, and hopefully the cats will be able to take care of themselves.

~Willow’s Person


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