Automatic Pet Feeders?

It was so annoying to have to put the s on the end of feeders. After searching and searching for automatic pet feeders that could feed multiple pets, we found three: One that was outrageously priced at about $500, and two that received terrible reviews and looked to be poor quality. We ended up buying two of the Lentek 6-Day Automatic Pet Dish. We received them in the mail a few days ago, and today purchased the proper batteries. We found the feeders to be very hard to reassemble once we’d disassembled it to put the batteries in. The control module refused to snap back into place, and the lid was wobbly and loose. We finally got it to work, though Amber didn’t help at all; she was in our faces constantly, trying to get at the food we’d put in!

Once they were ready, we set them on the floor. They withstood the test of both Willow and Amber’s determination, as you can see in this video (also above). Annoyingly, the fastest time setting was six hours, so we have to wait till nine o’clock tonight for the feeder to activate. I’m looking forward to seeing their reaction.

That’s all for now; enjoy the video!

~Willow’s Person


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