Play Time, Willow!

Willow has becoming more and more active and playful (except for his allergy attacks). Earlier today he was running around the house chasing Amber. He chases toys (which he usually doesn’t do; he has a distinct sense of what’s a toy and what’s real), he chewed on the little rope connected to the top level of the cat tree, and he even showed a little interest in the laser yesterday (which he never does; for him, if it doesn’t make any sound it shouldn’t be bothered with).

When he was in an extremely playful mood yesterday, I got out not only a toy but the video camera, and this was the result:

It’s more than a bit shaky, but that’s what comes from trying to swing a toy fish connected to string and video tape it at the same time, not to mention while a hyper cat is playing with said toy fish.

I hope you enjoy the video; I certainly did! It has been just so amazing to watch Willow run around again after we started feeding them homemade food. At three years of age, he was an old man, as we called him. Ate, slept, and looked out the window. Now that he’s four, he’s acting like a kitten again, and I’m loving it!

~Willow’s Person


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