On The Verge

I took these pictures last week, and entirely forgot to write a post about them. By now, things have changed a bit. We went out of town on Thanksgiving for a couple of days. Willow and Amber had been tolerating each other before that, but things have not been going well since. Apparently they couldn’t handle nearly forty-eight hours by themselves. They’re just way too active! When we returned, they were chasing each other as usual, but Amber’s screams were more pronounced. We know that she exaggerates things, and that she often simply turns around and gets Willow right back. Still, I was worried.

Willow and Amber sit within a foot of each other - Wow!

I’m not sure if things have calmed down yet. I say that we’re on a verge. At this point, they could continue in the way they are (though I desperately hope not!) On the other hand, things could calm down and go back to the way they were.

Willow gets his close-up
Amber's turn!

It’s really hard to tell sometimes if they’re playing or fighting. I’d like to say they’re playing–if they’re fighting, someone would have gotten some scratches/bites by now. Still, there’s no way of telling; I can only hope! As for my post A Gesture of Friendship, they lick each other every now and then. Usually, one of them has to be in a licking mood and the other one has to be tired for them to do it peacefully. It’s sweet when they do, but it doesn’t really seem to mean anything as far as friendship goes.

~Willow’s Person


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