Let It Snow!

As far as my title goes…I wish. It’s dipping into the 20’s tonight, but our chance of snow is somewhere close to 0%. It’s too bad, because in my opinion, when it’s that cold, you should definitely get at least a little snow. Still, when you live in the South, what can you do about it? What I do know is that the kitties are feeling the cold. I got some adorable pictures of them! The only thing I didn’t get a picture of was Amber snuggling under the covers with me, which was too cute! I still have some other photos that I took yesterday, so here they are!

Amber soaks up the sun on a cold day, and I manage to get her to look into the camera!
Of course, a second later she decides that whatever's outside is more interesting than me
I can tell you're wondering why I took a picture of this...let's take a closer look

Willow was so cold that he took refuge (with no help at all!) underneath a blanket (a blanket with a kitty pattern, no less!). He was absolutely adorable! I apologize for the photo being blurry, but I completely forgot to switch modes before taking it. Oh well!

Willow snuggles under my jacket (getting under their with, once again, no help)

All I can say is, when our kitties start snuggling under blankets and jackets and the like, you know it’s cold! So let it snow!

~Willow’s Person


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