Yum Yum!

Amber licks her lips after a yummy snack

Mmm-mmm! Amber never hesitates when she has the chance to get her hands on a little snack. Wait a minute…let me take that back. There is one thing she won’t eat: Willow has a little snack that’s mainly brewer’s yeast, I believe, and it’s supposed to be good for digestion. Willow goes absolutely nuts for it, but Amber won’t touch it (although she gets very excited when I get the bottle out, and when she takes a sniff and realizes what it is, she walks off. Yep, she’s spoiled). Anyway, other than that one thing, she will jump for any food you offer (except for vegetables, but that’s probably a given).

Amber enjoys a nibble of fat

This particular snack was just a little bit of fat…some sort of meat, I can’t remember what. Of course, she went crazy for that! I managed to take both a video and some photos, so enjoy!

And a couple more photos….

Amber gets one final lick
Ah, all done!

That’s all for now!

~Willow’s Person


2 thoughts on “Yum Yum!

    1. Hi Brittney, I’m glad to see you here! Making cat food isn’t easy, for sure. Catinfo.org has some great resources if it’s something you’re interested in doing it. Cats need fat in small amounts, and they also enjoy it as a treat.
      Till next time,
      ~Willow’s Person

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