Just A Few Adorable Photos of My Adorable Kitties

This is an interesting shot of Willow and Amber as they peer out the window.

Ah…there’s nothing better than taking pictures of Willow and Amber while my lunch is getting cold (which is exactly when I took the above photo). But seriously, I do enjoy taking pictures of them, especially when they’re looking adorable (which is almost always).

A different angle of the above photo.

This is one of the rare moments when they are actually sitting (awake) within a foot of each other. You see, when one of them is sleeping, the other will never attack him (or her). And, obviously, when both of them are sleeping there won’t be any fighting going on. But usually, moments where they can sit next to each other in peace are rare.

However, as you can tell from this photo, Willow is feeling a little bit uncomfortable. Still, a thumbs up for him just for staying there when he would rather be running in the opposite direction.

Willow looks a little uncomfortable 🙂
Willow takes a break from the sun.
Amber says “hello”!

~Willow’s Person


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