Willow the Cat Burglar

Willow, unlike Amber, pretends to be incredibly good when we’re around. He stops doing anything bad if we tell him “no”, and he generally doesn’t do bad things in the first place–if we’re there to watch. Amber, on the other hand, doesn’t bother to hide her naughty tendencies and will pay absolutely no attention to you when being reprimanded. Of course, that’s the way most cats are.

Willow, trying to look innocent

During the night or while no one’s home, Willow isn’t quite the little “angel” he pretends to be, apparently. For example: We eat noodle soup for lunch almost every week day. Willow is a huge fan of noodles, and though we’d never realized it, he obviously likes them both cooked and raw.

In making our lunch, we use about half a bag of noodles. We would then leave the bag and whatever was left in it on the counter to be used the next day. It wasn’t a very smart thing to do, looking back. One night, Willow and Amber were especially hyper. He (or they) knocked the noodles off the counter while we were sleeping and had their fill. Looking at the aftermath, Amber must not have liked it very much, since nothing happened there. Willow, though, got very sluggish and lazy–back to the way he was before we started feeding them homemade cat food. I think he’s coming out of now, thankfully, so all is well!

A lesson learned from this: It is probably a good idea not to leave food out where the cats can get to it.

~Willow’s Person


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