A Place In My Heart

I admit, I’ve been getting behind on my posts lately…very behind. But tonight, I remembered what the original purpose of this blog was. Not to give readers a peek into my cats daily life (though I’m happy when you do take the time to do so). Not to make my kitties famous (but I’m sure they’d like that!). Rather, to just record things that I don’t want to forget. Small, seemingly insignificant things that years later, looking back, would prove to be precious.

My adorable Willow

So, back to tonight. Maybe an hour and a half ago, I’m not sure how long, Willow escaped. We just moved, and we’ve been trying to air out the house to get rid of an odor. This involves keeping all the windows open during the day. I suppose we should have seen this coming. It’s something we’ve been careful enough about in the past. But, apparently, we weren’t careful enough this time.

From what we can tell, Willow pushed through a screen in one of the bedrooms. Ah, freedom! I’m not sure how long he was outside. We had just finished watching a movie as a family when my mom asked me to close the windows. I went about the house doing so. I soon realized that the screen was missing on one of the windows, and the next thing I remember was that I had not seen Willow since we started our dinner.


Soon we were outside, shaking bags of cat food and calling Willow’s name. I tried to be calm about it, but with every passing minute I grew increasingly worried. Every thought that ran through my head was a desperate prayer. I knew God knew where Willow was at that very moment, that even sparrows didn’t escape His notice. I prayed that Willow would come home safe.

After five or ten minutes that felt like hours, I went back inside to close the remaining windows, and (to tell you the truth) I was on the verge of tears. On my way back out, I met my parents coming back in–with Willow.

And Amber too!

I cannot tell you how happy I was. But it made me realize this: My cats have a very special place in my heart, and sometimes I don’t taking them seriously enough. Someday, they will be gone; I should treasure them while they are here with me.

Farewell for now, but not for long,

~Willow’s Person


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