The Birthday Post

So, I was thinking, what do you call a birthday post besides “Happy Birthday”? Well, obviously, I put my creative skills to work and came up with “The Birthday Post”. Anyway, you’re probably wondering by now whose birthday it is.

Happy birthday, Amber!!!

My baby girl is now two years old. Of course, it’s a birthday we made up for her, since we have no idea when she was born. See, we took Willow to the vet to find out how old he was on November 12, 2009. The vet said he was two years old, so we made that day his birthday. As it turned out, November 12 is the day before my best friend’s birthday, and we decided to do something similar for Amber. Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday, and we’ve been pampering both her and Amber as much as we possibly can!

That’s all for now,

~Willow’s Person


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