Amber’s Playtime

I enjoy buying toys for my cats to play with. However, Willow couldn’t really care less (unless catnip is involved), and Amber…well, allow me to explain.

Amber taking a little break

Amber will play with store-bought toys, for sure, but she prefers finding toys of her own. From a ball made of tin foil to a water bottle cap, she can find fun anywhere. Her latest toy? A pipe cleaner. We dropped on the floor by accident one day, and she has been in love with it ever since (though we have gotten her a new one; the old pipe cleaner was simply too beat up).

She’ll play with it for hours each morning, literally, doing flips and having a great time. Then, when she simply can’t go on anymore, she’ll find a shady spot and pass out until lunch. In the afternoon, she plays for a while longer, and then spends the rest of her afternoon looking out the window. I’m not sure how long her obsession with pipe cleaners will last, but it certainly is fun to watch!

Willow’s Person


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