Happy (Belated) Birthday, Willow

Let it suffice to say that I am very, very ashamed of myself. Willow’s fifth birthday was one week ago, and I haven’t posted anything in ten days. I’m pretty much hopeless.

On the bright side, I did take several great pictures that day!

Willow begs for a treat

A birthday treat (or two or three)! Don’t worry, Amber wasn’t watching.

And there it goes!
Look at that tongue!
I think that’s cheating…

Can you seriously tell me this cat does not look like an angel? He’s so cute! Sorry, that’s a bit undignified. What I meant to say was how gorgeous he is. πŸ™‚

There goes the last treat

So, Mr. Willow’s done eating. Can you guess what comes next?

That’s right, it’s licking time. I’m sorry the photo’s blurry, but he refused to hold still and stick his tongue out at the same time. (and when he does do that, the camera’s never around)

So. Cute.

And here’s the last one:

So long!

~Willow’s Person


note: by the way, does anyone know how many cat years are in a human year? thanks!


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