Surgery Update

Hello, all! I first want to thank everyone for your prayers; they meant so much to me!

Willow is doing very well. He hid under the bed for the first day after coming home, but he’s been out and about quite a bit now.

He has quite a lot of stitches in his nose. They ain’t pretty, but they don’t seem to bother him–and that is what’s important! They’ll take out the stitches in a couple of weeks, and we should find out the results of the biopsy next week. Please be praying that this is a simple infection, and not cancer.



The only problem at the moment, surprisingly, is Sofie. She’s always been the most amiable of the three. She’ll lick Willow’s head if he gives her the opportunity. She also loves to play with both Willow and Amber. (Willow seems to enjoy it; Amber would make you think she’s about to die!)

On the other hand, Sofie is the most prone to freaking out…about everything. And something about Willow has definitely freaked her out since he’s been back. Every time she sees him, she immediately starts hissing and yowling. Hopefully she’ll get over it quickly!



That’s all for now! I do have a video of Willow right after he came home from here surgery. It’s cute and sad at the same time–it’s basically him just wobbling about and trying to get his bearings. The video quality isn’t great, so I may or may not upload it to YouTube. If I do, you’ll see it here as well!

God bless y’all!




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