About the Cats


Willow: We adopted Willow in 2009, when he was two years old. Well…allow me to rephrase that. Willow adopted us in ’09. We were almost completely moved into our new apartment when he waltzed up and introduced himself! I can’t deny that it was love at first sight. He looked remarkably at the time like another cat we’d befriended (but hadn’t owned) named Walter. I wanted to name him with a W, in honor of that. At the time, I wasn’t sure of how to tell a male cat from a female. Since all the cats we’d had before were male, I obviously wanted him to be a girl. So, I chose a girl name: Willow. When we found out he was a boy, we decided that Willow was a neutral name and that he would keep it. (I’m pretty sure Willow is thankful we didn’t name him Sandy Claws, one of our other ideas).

Willow is now eight years old! His birthday is November 12th. He isn’t too crazy about being cuddled, but he’s a gorgeous and fun kitty anyway. He’s light orange with beautiful long fur and a glorious mane, and has golden-yellow eyes.


Amber: We adopted Amber in July, 2010. She was approximately three to four months old at the time. She was rather skittish at first, but is now the most loving, playful, protective cat I’ve ever known. She seems to be more dog than cat! She tends to beat up on Willow all the time though–the big fellow does nothing to protect himself besides scrunch up his eyes adorably! Amber loves any toy, but she particularly loves the little rings that come off with bottle caps, cloth belts, and plastic bags.

Amber has short black fur and yellow-green eyes. She also has a small patch of white fur shaped like a heart on her belly, which is the only thing on her that isn’t black! She turned six years old on May 20th (2016).


Sofie: In the summer of 2013, we decided we wanted to bring a kitten into our family. We adopted Sofie from the Humane Society on June 14th of that year. She is a quirky kitty, for sure! She is a bundle of energy, and loves to play. She’s sweet, and likes to hang out in the same room as us. She’s a very well-behaved cat–that is, until you get food involved. Then all bets are off!

Sofie has a beautiful coat, gorgeous green eyes, long legs, and a ridiculously long tail. She loves to sit crookedly, or “twisted”, as we call it. Her front and back paws will frequently face opposite ways when she sits down! She loves to play with Da Bird, but she’ll tear it to pieces if we let her! She turned three years old on April 16th (2016).


Maui: This little guy and his three siblings were born at my dad’s workplace. Within a couple weeks, we’d decided that we had to take one of them home. Maui joined the family on June 24th, 2016. He’s still developing his personality, but he is usually being very sweet, very crazy, or he’s just passed out! He loves to follow us everywhere around the house, attacking our feet and flipping and bouncing. He’ll sit close to you and stare longingly into your eyes when he wants to be held. He purrs very loudly anytime you pet him. He loves the other cats, who don’t love him back quite as much. Amber tolerates him, Willow alternates between playing and hissing, and Sofie gets along with him very well.

While his coat isn’t quite as exotic-looking as Sofie’s, he still has gorgeous markings, and in many ways he looks like a mini version of her! He has grayish-green eyes, and did I mention he’s ridiculously cute? His birthday is June 7th.

Visit The Willow Is Poofy Blog again soon to see what these four are up to!


Christy and the cats


4 thoughts on “About the Cats

  1. If you’re ever in the situation again, if you have an orange cat the odds are 2-1 that it is a male. If you have one that has orange and black (or paler versions like creme and grey) its almost always female.

    This is because the orange color gene is on the X gene that determines sex. If a male has one, he is orange, A female needs two, if she has one orange and one non-orange gene she shows both colors together in a patchwork.

    Nice blog!

    1. Hi Oldcat,

      Thanks for the tips! I never knew that. I do know that most calico cats are female, but besides that I didn’t really know that you could guess what gender the cats are based on their coat. That is very interesting!

      I hope to see you on The Willow Is Poofy Blog again soon!

      ~Willow’s Person

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